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A massive star 75 million light-years from Earth vanished from the sky without a trace. Could it have become a black hoel without going. NBH1 is a disappearing giant star in another galaxy, NGC , on the northern border of the constellation of Cygnus. The star, either a red supergiant. A huge star has disappeared - did it become a black hole? the astronomers suggest two explanations for the star's disappearance and lack. There are two hypotheses: Either the star is still there but its light is much more dim and it's obscured by a dusty cloud of debris. If further observations confirm that the disappearances represent real astronomical events, they could fall into two categories. They most. Researchers Have Identified Mysteriously Disappeared Stars in The Night Sky. Across the Milky Way there are vacant spaces where a star once brightly. The star, researchers say, may have disappeared after becoming less bright and being partially obscured by dust. If the star died, it may have collapsed into a black hole without ever producing a supernova. This second option seems bizarre, but it would not. But two years ago, astronomers watched in awe as X-rays from the black hole corona in a galaxy known as 1ES + disappeared completely. (right) with two of the stars in the triple-star Alpha Centauri system (middle and left). Scientists just made a planet disappear.

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