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CATACOMBS: VIOLET UK - BLUE BUTTERFLY Violet UK is a project, the idea of which belongs to a japanese songwriter and producer, Yoshiki Hayashi. Lyrics for Blue Butterfly by VIOLET UK. Do you see the blue butterfly? Flying around and sucking the sweet air It′s in your blood. Do you see the blue butterfly / Flying around and sucking the sweet out / It's in your blood as flowers craving the Sun / In a vice, it's drawing you closer. Male common blues have violet-blue upper wings with grey-beige undersides. However, females vary from those with predominantly brown upper wings and orange. The colour of the upperwings of females varies from almost completely brown in southern England to predominantly blue in western Ireland and Scotland. Conservation Status · Butterfly Conservation priority: Medium · Section 41 species of principal importance under the NERC Act in England · Listed on Section 7 of. From seeing colourful wildflowers to spotting magnificent birds of prey, we can help you get closer to wildlife across the UK. Large Blue butterfly. Species. Living up to its name, this butterfly is the commonest blue found in the British Isles. While the male has bright blue uppersides, the female is primarily. UK Butterflies - Small Blue - Cupido minimus. being found from northern Scotland to the south of England, with colonies also in Wales and Ireland. Description: Wingspan mm. Males and females differ. The males are a vivid violet blue on the upperside with a prominent white fringe along the margins of.

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